Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent Hair reduction is performed with the Ellipse IPL, a safe & gentle treatment that achieves outstanding results in 3 to 6 sessions.  With a patented ‘dual mode filtering’ system, only safe wavelengths are used which treat the hair without heating up the skin.  The light targets the growth cells of the hair follicle so that the hairs are reduced in number, thickness and colour

Step 1

Firstly you will come to the clinic for a consultation.  During this time you will learn how the treatment works and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.  We will also check some health factors with you to make sure that treatment is safe for you.

At this time you will have a patch test and 24 hours later your treatment sessions can begin. 

Step 2

Before your treatment begins we cleanse the area & mark out the area to be treated, this is to ensure that no area is missed


Step 3

Then the area is shaved, we do this so that the light will interact with the hair underneath the skin & therefore we give better results with less discomfort


Step 4

A gel is then applied to the area to assist the passage of the light through the skin


Step 5

At this stage we ensure all the safety procedures are in place including eye protection for both yourself & the therapist


Step 6

Then we enter in the necessary details into the Ellipse system & the treatment is ready to begin


Step 7

The Ellipse applicator is then pressed onto the skin & the area is treated.


Step 8

At the conclusion of the treatment the gel is removed, the skin wiped clean & aloe vera gel is applied.



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